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Interview: Dope Minds With Producer Nascent (@Nascent_Beats)

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Interview: Dope Minds With Producer Nascent (@Nascent_Beats)

What’s going on everyone, I had a chance to catch up with one of the dopest producers in the game, Chicago native ‘Nascent’, who landed production for artist like 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, & others. I know other niggas be asking the same shit in interviews so I’m gonna switch it up a little bit, of course we gonna talk about the music industry & all but I’m going tall with Nascent about his favorite rappers, other producers, the NBA & more….

Q: What’s poppin Nascent, how did you & QB Da Problem link up & start producing tracks together?

A: Yooo! Maaan me & QB linked up through Myspace back around 2007. We were apart of the same producer community. We just started sending each other beats and samples. The rest is history.

Q: How did the name ‘Nascent’ come up, did someone give it to you or was you just messing around coming up with names til it was right?

A: I was messing around on this electronic dictionary back in the day, but the word “Nascent” means process of emerging, starting to develop, and that’s who I am everyday. Always growing and developing. I pronounce it different too.

Q: You from Chicago, & Kanye West is as well, have you ran into him a couple of times & talked about teaming up producing for some projects in the future?

A: I wish G! I’ve never met Kanye but I hope to one day, I think that would be a dope session.

Q: When it comes to music, who inspires you?

A: I get inspired from the greats. Smokey Robinson, Quincy Jones, Gil Scott Heron, Kanye, BINK!, Ryan Leslie, Battlecat etc.

Q: How do you find interest in the samples you do for the productions?

A: Soul. That’s all it is. I can sample something from Smokey to Skream. It’s about chord progressions, basslines and what the artist is saying in the record.

Q: It’s dope to see artist give new producers a chance & you gave some classic beats to artist like 50 Cent & Lloyd Banks (Redrum from the War Angel LP, Strong Enough off of Before I Self Destruct & See Me Bright from Lloyd Banks Blue Friday series), how did all that happen?

A: I think that’s the route a lot of these major artists should take when they can’t find certain sounds with these BIG name producers. The hunger is there. You can hear it. But this all happened through my good friends over at G-Unit (Dre McKenzie, Tony G). I walked in that office back in 2008 and they gave us a shot.

Q: I heard the women out there in Chicago are pure goddesses lol, any truth to that?

A: Chicago definitely has some beautiful women. A lot of variety.

Q: To take a break from the studio & everything, what shit does Nascent like to do when you not producing?

A: Watch the Bulls, play 2k12, go hoop and get SLAPPED!

Q: Is there any other project your working on outside of music, like movie scores etc.?

A: Nothing in the works with movies, but I am working on placing music on TV shows.

Q: Twitter is probably the number 1 site right now, do you actually believe we might start buying albums/movies off it like ‘Amazon’ in the near future or will they keep it social?

A: I think they’ll keep it social. If they change it up people will find the next site.

Q: I see you a Bulls fan, me personally I’ll say its one of best franchises in the NBA & Jordan has done so much for that organization I don’t know why he doesn’t co-own the team, but they playing fucking unstoppable this season, do you think D. Rose will be able to stop LeBron & D. Wade in a 7 game series or come up short like last season?

A: BULLS ARE THE GREATEST ORGANIZATION IN THE NBA! and yes, they do have enough to stop the Miami Heat. All we need is a healthy RIP & Derrick. People will always criticize the Bulls because we don’t have a starting line up of HOF players, but it’s all about role players, not names. Plus we have Derrick Rose & Tom Thibodeau.

Q: I would’ve liked to see LeBron & Wade team up with Rose in the summer of 2010, it almost happen I heard, if you was GM/owner of the Bulls, who would you bring to Chicago to with alongside D. Rose?

A: I didn’t want LeBron here so I would of liked to see D Wade with Rose. That could’ve been one of the greatest backcourts in the history of the league. But that also could of affected the growth of Derrick Rose. It’s tough. We’ll never know. I would of brought Nick Young & brought Ben Gordon back.

Q: If the Bulls do make the finals, who do you have em going up against in the west?

A: OKC! Bulls in 7 though.

Q: 2 of the best movies are coming out this summer, which movie you think is gonna reign 2012, The Avengers or Dark Knight Rises?

A: I’m a huge Batman fan so you already know!

Q: Top 5 chicks in the game you’ll smash, it can be singers, actress whoever lol

A: Halle Berry, Jourdan Dunn, Padma Lakshmi, Iggy Azalea, and Rashida Jones.

Q: Any singers/rappers/other producers you’ll like to collab with in future?, feel free to name whoever…

A: Frank Ocean, Ryan Leslie, Nas, Ice Cube, and if he were out the “BOSS DON AKA BIGGAVELLI ” MAX B! #FREEMAXB

Q: If you could get Nas & Lloyd Banks on a track, that shit would be epic, how is the vibe working in the studio with Banks & have you guys talked about a possible mixtape or album together?

A: Too many BARS on one sone lol I’ve actually never been in the studio with Lloyd Banks. We’ve met a few times before. I think we should put that idea out there. An EP with the PLK!

Q: It gotta be dope traveling everywhere seeing the world & shit, what’s the best place you’ve been so far?

A: It’s hard to call it man. But I’d say Durango, CO. I can get away from everything and just kick it with my brother out there.

Q: The music industry changes & changes, & it used to be about being lyrical, now a majority the time all you have to have now is a good beat & a decent hook, do you believe all 3 (lyrics, hook, & production) can combine into a hit record in this day of age?

A: That’s all that matters. But you can have all three and sure, you may have a hit, but how long are you going to last? It’s all about having an identity and sticking to it. Fans are going to have to want to be like YOU, dress, talk, speak just like YOU. That’s what separates the one hit wonders from the artists who stick around.

Q: Competition is everything in this rap shit, some call it beef but its really now, it really about who’s making better music, beef is trying destroy your competition by getting them the fuck outta here with no 2nd thoughts, how do you see the two between competition & beef?

A: Beef to me, is outside of music. Competition is great for the art. There has to be something or someone to drive you to do better.

Q: Any shoutouts you wanna give before we wrap things up..

A: Shout out to my brothers QB & Sakwe. Shouts to my bro Asaad who is killing right now, and also Dre McKenzie who gave me a chance and opened the door for me (literally). He changed my life.

Q: Last question & we outta here, is there any advice you want go give to the aspiring producers/rappers out there

A: 50 told me never take NO for an answer. No just means try again. Also, don’t be afraid to fail, this is real life and not every situation is going to be in your favor. Take the L and learn from it.

Shoutout to Nascent for this, you can follow him on Twitter @Nascent_Beats, this guy got some insane production & is gonna be one of the best in the future along with QB Da Problem.

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